Anonymous sent: Did you ever pay back the money people gave you when you used to make dreads?

I’ve paid some people back even semi recently within the past few years. If there are any outstanding invoices you should contact me off anon one via email,
Instead of anonymously sending rude messages over the course of years.

Anonymous sent: I'm going to tell you that what a lot of your "haters" say is true. Now, I of course expect you to write some long self righteous rebuttal, and honestly go ahead. It won't change my opinion of you. It won't change everyone else's opinion of you. You are a bitch and a snob; the best example of one I've ever met. You only give time to people who you think will benefit you. I'm not saying everyone needs to be your best friend, but at least treat them like people. No, we are not "jealous" of you.

I’m sorry you think that! Let me know if/how I’ve ever wronged you.

I never come on here anymore but I need a safe space to think and to talk. Last night I was extremely triggered. I had to catch the bus with a dying phone, and there happened to be dead stop traffic, so it took over an hour. I never catch the bus anymore, especially if it’s a far commute, and definitely never without a fully charged battery. I was suffocated, being on there for that long with out moving, and being surrounded by males. My anxiety was smothering me. I couldn’t breathe and I started to cry.

I truly feel like this is the only thing that makes me weak. I hate remembering what happened to me. I want to lock it away, or dump it altogether.